Lynn Barol

"Wow!!! He is fantastic. Although we did not know him it felt like we did. Can't say enough good things about him."

Kwamia & Vincent
Rob was very personable and his humor made the groom more relaxed as I, the bride, was very late for the ceremony due to an issue with our limo. Though the ceremony was delayed Rob was very understanding and patient and he did a great job with the service. He took the time to speak with us ahead of time to get to to know us as a couple. His price is on the higher end but I think he was worth it. Thanks Rob for making our wedding day even more special..

Lori G. 
Rob was the best choice we made for our wedding! There are always "glitches" when it comes to planning a wedding, but there were no "glitches" with Rob. He was prepared, on time and truly amazing. The ceremony was personal and beautiful. Just like he said it would be. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a fantastic ceremony from a true professional! What a great guy!

Fusaro Wedding Review:

Choosing Rob Mustachi as our wedding officiant was one of our smartest decisions while planning our wedding. Rob took the time to meet with us prior to the wedding so we could discuss and lay out exactly how we wanted the ceremony to look and feel. This meeting allowed him to get to know us and the type of ceremony we were interested in having while giving us piece of mind during our planning decisions. We felt completely comfortable with Rob and were confident that the ceremony would be everything we had always dreamed of. Rob was extremely professional in all of his interactions with us and our guests. One of our favorite qualities of our ceremony was that Rob was able to insert some humor to entertain us and our guests just as we had asked! It was absolutely perfect and we are still receiving compliments on how wonderful he was. Rob truly exemplified everything we wanted in a wedding officiant and we will continue to recommend him constantly. Thank you again Rob for your ability to make our ceremony personal and everything we always dreamed of.

Samantha R. 

Working with Rob was just amazing! He kept the whole ceremony fun and focused on the love and family aspect of our wedding which is exactly what we wanted. I couldn’t have imagined a better officiant :)

Sabrina A. 

Rob was amazing! He spent a lot of time learning about our unique story and working to craft a ceremony that really reflected who we are as a family. He included my children with a beautiful set of vows directed to them, and blessed us as a family. He worked with us right up until the last minute to make sure everything was perfect. We laughed, we cried...It was great. I highly recommend him 

Kyle & Marie​

Mr Rob is a true professional. We really didn't give at all. We made contact approximately 4 hrs prior to the event and we were surprised and pleased at his work. Thank you so much for a job well done. God Bless!!!
Mr Rob. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you and your family. From the bottom of our hearts, my family and I thank you. April 9, 2016 will remain memorable.

Meridith & Matt
 We are so happy that we decided to have Rob perform our wedding ceremony. People are still talking about how personal and beautiful it was. He wrote our entire ceremony and really captured the essence as to who we are as individuals and as a couple. We couldn't have been more pleased with the ceremony and the warmth and caring that Rob showed throughout the entire process. We recommend him highly! You won't be disappointed!

Meridith and Matt

Christina wrote:
"What can I say about Rob, except perfect! Everyone said that it was the most moving and loving ceremony they have ever seen! I have given his cards to everyone we know. He will be doing our vow renewal in 5 years! Your truly lucky if you get Rob to do your ceremony.

Jordan R.
Rob is awesome! My husband and I wanted a short, sweet and non religious ceremony and hit the nail on the head! He worked with us to make our perfect ceremony. He also suggested glass blending instead of sand or lighting a candle during the ceremony and it was awesome! We couldn't of asked for a better officiant - thank you!

Cynthia wrote:
We first met with Rob so he could get a idea of our perfect ceremony. I have to say with only meeting him once I felt like we've known each other for years! He made our wedding day perfect and I couldn't thank him enough!!
May 27, 2016

Tony & Rosati
 Great ceremony. Rob was professional and personable. He took the time to understand exactly what our kids were looking for. I would highly recommend uning Mr. Mustachi. A number of our friends have used Rob to officiate their weddings. Everyone was thrilled with his performance.

Joanne and Andrew Commitment Ceremony

"we had a beautiful day and lovely ceremony officiated by Rob i would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding or commitment ceremony. He took the time to write up our vows and write the ceremony himself .The wording was beautiful and just what we asked for he even picked a beautiful park for our ceremony and have a photographer take our pictures!!! we had a wonderful day!

Nick & Shenique

Easy to work with great guy was very helpful thanks Rob 
May 22, 2016

Bryan and Rachael
"Rob helped us create a lovely wedding ceremony that was the perfect mix of sentimental and funny. He guided us in answering our questions from vows to the unity ceremony so we could build the perfect ceremony that felt like "us". We appreciated his humor and his candor that gave us a beautiful start to our marriage." 


Stacey G.

​As a little girl you dream of finding the perfect husband and having the wedding of your dreams one day. That fairy tale dream came true this June when Rob Mustachi; married my husband and I. The ceremony was unlike any ceremony you could ever imagine. It was beautiful, well spoken, heart felt, personal and absolutely perfect. Our family and friends are still talking about how meaningful and amazing our ceremony was; by far it is the talk of the year. My husband and I had a traditional Jewish wedding and we were honored to have Rob as our Rabbi and had a lady play the guitar and sing Robs words under the chuppah. As Rob perfectly read the traditions in English, the lady followed him by singing them in Hebrew. They could not have been more in sync and truly had every single persons attention. Thanks to Rob my childhood dream came to reality that night and can not possibly ever thank him enough for giving us the wedding ceremony of our dreams!

Tyler & Jacob
It doesn't get better than Rob! We wanted someone that understood who we were and what we had gone through to get to our wedding day. Let me tell you, it's not easy to find! Then we found Rob. We have never met anybody that we clicked with faster and he truly cares about us as individuals and as a couple for life! He told our story with heartfelt emotion and it was like he has know us all of our lives. What a gem of a person! If your looking for the quick, down and dirty ceremony, I'm sure that Rob could do that, but if your looking for someone who connects with everyone at your wedding and tells your story like it was his own, Rob is the only choice! We love him for what he did for us!

Mandie & Shawn

We just got married this past weekend, and i can't say enough good things about Rob! I found Rob based on multiple positive online reviews, and from the very first meeting, we knew we wanted him to officiate our wedding. He's personable, funny, spends the time to really get to know the couple, and specially tailors the ceremony to fit. Our ceremony was a hit! Early in the process, he suggested a handfasting ceremony, and we (and our guests) loved it! He was quick and efficient with answering our and writing our ceremony, and was kind enough to make some semi last minute changes we requested even after we had already ok'd the ceremony he had written (which was still perfect, but we just wanted a little more of our background included). Even after everything was said and done, he continued to answer my questions about the marriage certificate process. With all the stresses of wedding planning, it was so awesome to not have to worry about how the ceremony would go. If you're planning on getting married, the reviews don't lie, Rob Mustachi IS the person you want to perform the ceremony!

Dorri F
Rob was simply THE BEST. We met him in person, and were immediately positive that he was the right officiant for our wedding! He is both a Minister AND a Rabbi (which is nice, as I am technically Jewish, although I don't practice) - how many people offer that?? Rob spent time talking with us, figuring out how we "ticked" as a couple, and wrote a custom ceremony for us, which we loved! We were able to tweak as necessary, too. He helped us figure out how to incorporate my father (deceased) into the ceremony, something I had been struggling with for a while. He included a candle-lighting for my father; it was lovely, and we will have that memory forever. ****The COOLEST thing about Rob: he found us a PIG to be our ring-bearer!! Ever since I can remember, I have wanted a piggy in a tux, oinking his cute, pink, little way down the aisle as my ring-bearer. I love animals!! Rob made this happen!! He found us a trained therapy pig, worked the details out with Charlie's (the pig) owner, and even helped Charlie get a custom-made tuxedo!! Charlie was a HIT!! It made my day. What other officiant would do that for you??**** Plus, Rob was always available via text or e-mail. He always responded promptly and his fee was more than reasonable. Just ... amazing. Thank you Rob! You made our wedding dreams come true!!here.

Sidra & Misha 

Rob performed our wedding ceremony this March and we are so happy that we chose him! He was kind, funny, and genuine and a joy to work with from start to finish.  Rob was accomodating and flexible in creating a ceremony that was unique and personal. We had an inter-faith marriage and the fact that he is an ordained minister and rabbi was perfect for us! 
The ceremony was lovely and we received many compliments from our guests.  Rob even walked our basset hound down the aisle for us!  We can't thank him enough for being such an integral part of our special day!

Christine and John

"Rob was one of the most amazing people we had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail, his sense of humor, and his genuine care for his clients was beyond measure. We highly recommend Rob to all those in the Delmarva region"

Ross & Stacey Wedding:

 "Your personal touch and knowledge showed the warmth and the connection that you have, instead of being a stranger, you showed that you are a true professional and friend. The wedding was a huge success in part to Rabbi Rob Mustachi, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you."

Catie & John
When my husband and I were looking for someone to officiate our wedding ceremony, we weren’t sure which direction to go in, I am Jewish and my husband is Ukrainian Catholic. We knew that we wanted to have a non-religious ceremony and have it be more personal. When we met Mr. Mustachi for the first time , it instantly was a perfect fit. He was like a part of our family. He took the time to really get to know us individually and as a couple and made us feel comfortable. 
On the day before my wedding, I was feeling very emotional and I called him on the phone. He comforted me and helped me to remember why I was marrying my husband and I knew that he really understood me and his guidance reassured me of a lot of things that in the process of wedding planning we sometimes forget. On my wedding day we had a private vow exchange with my husband, myself and Rob. There were a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. Our wedding and our lives would be incomplete without him. He truly is a wonderful man and we highly recommend him to any one. 
-Catie and John 
November 4,2017
Sage farmhouse Media Pa 

Rob Mustachi Wedding Officiant

For The Ceremony Of Your Dreams...

Chai & Kenny
Truly Amazing Ceremony!   
I saw Rob perform a ceremony for a friend of mine and the ceremony was the best I had ever seen. I asked for his name and number and gave him a call. He spent over an hour with me and my fiancé on the phone and answered all of our questions. We scheduled a meeting and we both left the meeting saying, "wow!, this is the guy for us!" Rob is warm and personable and gave us some great ideas for the ceremony. I had full confidence that Rob would do a great job but we were again surprised at how amazing he truly was. He got both of our families saying that they didn't want it to end! They loved him and so did we. Rob made our special day something that everyone who attended will remember and talk about for years to come. We have given out his name and number to multiple friends and will continue to do so. He is truly an amazing person that care as much as you do! Everything was truly perfect! Thanks Rob!

Kimberly D.                                                                      I attended a wedding that Mr. Mustachi was officiating.  He was absolutely wonderful. The ceremony was exquisite, both personal and beautiful. It was evident that he took the time to get to know the couple, as his lovely words were exquisitely intimate. He is everything you could want to make your special day perfect!


Angela & Dana

"Rob was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our ceremony was very personalized, it truly was written just for us. It was funny at times and heartfelt at others. Everyone commented on ow beautiful the ceremony was. I would recommend Rob to anyone!!"

Samantha said... 
Rob was incredible to work with! My husband and I come from different religious backgrounds and had quite a difficult time finding someone to marry us. We wanted to keep a few traditions but not have an overly religious ceremony. Finally we found Rob, met him, and knew instantly he was the right guy for us! He understood exactly what we wanted, was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful to incorporate everything we were looking for. He was very responsive along the way, and worked with us to make the ceremony exactly how we wanted (even accommodating some last minute changes). I would highly recommend him!

Morgan L
Rob was absolutely wonderful! We had an interfaith wedding and he spoke perfectly to my Jewish family and his Catholic family. He wrote the perfect ceremony for us, and seemed to really know us after only meeting once! He was so easy to work with, and it was truly all seamless process. It was an amazing day of and we cannot thank him enough. The ceremony was so absolutely perfect, more than we could have asked for. He also gave us the special gift of the kiddish cup that we used at the ceremony, something special we will have forever. Great guy!!!

Josh & Camila

​​You can't find a more caring, knowledgeable and professional officiant. Rob was fantastic!